Friday, May 29


She faded as my eye flickered.
Now I breathe her lustfully,

Of two nude souls, nearing back to life again.

Tuesday, May 26

Fire Girl

Turn the flame over her face.

Let her burn, while it takes my

Now she is the fire girl, and I am the twinkle boy.
Melting deep in, lighting up the night sky,
I saw her, a dying ember.

Sunday, May 24

Age of our love

And towards her last breath, I was the only one left for her  to love.

She left her flesh behind, so as I, not a moment more neither less.

And there comes a silence after all it ends.

As we crawl to our age of immortality, so as our love.


The Line

It is meant to be the way it is to be, deeper it goes, better cutting yourself with a butter knife, it hurts more, I don’t want to ...