Thursday, October 29


[Photo by Steoville]

Am drunk
So nothing gets in my head
Better stay away.
Am a bull-headed asshole.
I was wrong with the people who I never ought to meet.

Am crossed with you.

Wednesday, October 14


Am a walking mannequin when am out in street.

[Artwork by Salvador Dali]

Thursday, October 8


I feel like I got to make an effort.
Connecting the broken cable,
Twisted and torn away,
I have gone through all the pain, since I couldn’t spell a word.
He, who is true, deserves.
Am holding back with a time bomb,
I will burst up my brain when I touch the copper.
Let me try once,
And I will disappear

The Line

It is meant to be the way it is to be, deeper it goes, better cutting yourself with a butter knife, it hurts more, I don’t want to ...